Atherton Home Renovations & Extensions

Sven Margraf

QBCC 1178774

I am originally from Germany and I began my career in the building industry at 19. After finishing an apprenticeship as a carpenter in Germany I started to travel the world as a member of the traditional tradesman guild “Freiheitsschacht”. The aim of the journey is to gain new skills, become an expert tradesperson and extend ones knowledge of cultural, social and political issues of our world. Generally, completion of these travels carries a reputation of excellent trade skills in Europe.

Katja Margraf

Builder/Waterproofer/Administration/Project Support
QBCC 1183554

I am experienced, energetic and flexible. I was born and educated in Germany. I completed a three-year overseas training course as an Architect’s draftperson specialising in building design and construction. The training included practical placements where I worked with builders and craftsmen at different workplaces and building sites. I acquired extensiv practical knowledge about architecture during my 10 years in architects office when I successfully worked on numerous projects.